when ‘you’ finds ‘you’


Subtle pangs of lonesome nights,

Gripped me once, twice and thrice;

I raced down a lane two and three,

Towards endless pavements,

Having no one to see.

I felt my breath, too cold to feel,

I begged my heart to let it conceal-

It’s banging throbs, for afraid I was-

Of a staring stalker about to crash.

I crept like a cat, I slithered like a snake

My cheeks getting warm like a hot pancake

I sneak peeped in and I sneak peeped out

As I stared at someone in the mirror in doubt.

Left I was in widening awe,

For it was me whom I saw

In the hustle and bustle of life’s marathon

I found myself, I was reborn!

Alone! Alone! I thought of the self,

As a forgotten book on a messed up shelf,

Yet to be lonely has it’s miracles to do,

It’s the sublime state when You finds You.