The smirking shameless rodent eyes,

Stare at me with endless awe;

Pitying at my gruesome sight,

Earing a heavy heartfelt gnaw.

Grandeur of my mansion says,

“Man you were whom I adore?”

Gnashing windows snap at me,

“Gnarled you are unwanted gore”.

Lifeless world around me tarts,

Yawning at my ruthless fate;

What was I? Reflection glees,

Shattered, shrunken is my state.

Hands that cradled little son

Left they are to rot and blaze;

Lips, they wait for days and nights,

In hope of words, old father prays.

Antique I am, chained to a grille

Tattered is my heart and soul;

as Death lingers , beckoning me

Life unfolds my empty role.