PAST.. in Love


Sour I am, a sullen truth,

PAST  I am, the daughter of Time;

Grating, pestling, churning all,

Human frown at me as crime.

Some command me “out you go”,

Few caress me with their smiles;

Some surface me with their thoughts,

As I stay afloat on the fluids saline.

Serene seems the sun for me,

I bathe myself in drizzling love;

Smearing Life with blooming paints,

Flying like an uncaged dove.

PRESENT! My charming prince,

Kneeling here, just by my door

Brushed away all pangs of curse,

Embracing me like never before.

Love it is, so true to me,

Curse it is, when torn apart;

Forever  We united  live,

Purging in the human heart.


ATTACHMENT:friends like pebbles


Carried away by the flood of time

I stuck myself on a shore with you;

A friend you are, a family to me

My love ,my trust I bestowed on you.

Together we settled on myriad of plains

Sharing emotions

Sharing pains

Bathed in the moments of staple memories

FRIENDSHIP blossomed in the life’s terrain.

‘Impatient’ I am,the usual ME,

Like never before I am lost in words

Calm is the sea & so are you

the revolting thoughts,unwelcome tarts.

I intend not to be a burden on you

FRIENDSHIP it is so true to me.

Abandon me if YOU want to-

’cause stuck I am (with you) till life on earth retreats…. 🙂