The smirking shameless rodent eyes,

Stare at me with endless awe;

Pitying at my gruesome sight,

Earing a heavy heartfelt gnaw.

Grandeur of my mansion says,

“Man you were whom I adore?”

Gnashing windows snap at me,

“Gnarled you are unwanted gore”.

Lifeless world around me tarts,

Yawning at my ruthless fate;

What was I? Reflection glees,

Shattered, shrunken is my state.

Hands that cradled little son

Left they are to rot and blaze;

Lips, they wait for days and nights,

In hope of words, old father prays.

Antique I am, chained to a grille

Tattered is my heart and soul;

as Death lingers , beckoning me

Life unfolds my empty role.




Trembling walls, a drumming floor,

Alive I am behind a sealed door,

Waiting for the warm sunshine,

I am nothing but a dumb uproar.

A bundle of my moma’s  love,

A pigment of my daddy’s might,

Awaiting at the dark crossroad,

Staring at the human plight.

Sweating, swollen sleepless eyes

Floods to wrap me in her womb,

Daddy seems to worry me,

As if I were to bring him doom!

CANINES-they have followed me,

From mother’s womb to lover’s bed,

Piercing, scaring, scathing me,

Tearing me till my soul’s dead.

Sniffing, crawling they found me-

When daddy threw me down the drain,

A Girl I was (not my father’s dream)

Thrown away into fortune’s hands.

Yet Death is not an end to me

I still await for the rising sun,

When canines wouldn’t follow me

When dad would treat me like his son.