ATTACHMENT:friends like pebbles


Carried away by the flood of time

I stuck myself on a shore with you;

A friend you are, a family to me

My love ,my trust I bestowed on you.

Together we settled on myriad of plains

Sharing emotions

Sharing pains

Bathed in the moments of staple memories

FRIENDSHIP blossomed in the life’s terrain.

‘Impatient’ I am,the usual ME,

Like never before I am lost in words

Calm is the sea & so are you

the revolting thoughts,unwelcome tarts.

I intend not to be a burden on you

FRIENDSHIP it is so true to me.

Abandon me if YOU want to-

’cause stuck I am (with you) till life on earth retreats…. 🙂



Beauty: thy name is divine


Enveloped by the darkness ,

I witness the curtains of the starry canvas parting away slowly;

Letting my fingers dance about in the empty air

Painting the portrait of my desire.

I  feel the cool breeze rumple –

the unruly curls scattered on my face,

I  can feel the dewdrops-

 welcoming the nascent fireball at a steady pace.

Selena wriggles behind the smudgy sky,

My fluttering heart rummages about in search of you;

Drooling over the face of nature-

I chorus the lark singing in glory of you.

Love wafts through the morning breeze

Embracing me in the warm sunshine

My soul swirls around to your rhythm, O Lord!;

Beauty, thy Name is Divine.

Democracy: in incognito


Paradise beyond the borders-

I like to dream,

Tranquility beyond the silence-

I like to scream,

Stubborn against objections-

I like to dare,

Democracy against people-

I like to scare.

Crores of brains but instincts few,

To purge the soaring revenue,

Let the devils payback the due;

Burglars they are in incognito-

Strangling the voice of honest cries,

Tear them or spare them,

Depends on you;

Its high time friends

Let them pay back the price.

Touch me once more..


Would you mind if I hold you back Just for a moment of love to incline?

Would you mind me taking the place next to you till the sunshine?

Would you mind if I yearn to plunge in your passionate eyes for a whole lifetime?

Would you mind if I hold you tight when you are just mine?

Blame me not for the adherence in me

It all sprouted with a touch of yours

This frisson in me amidst the deaf midnight-

Is all that you gave me with that touch of yours?

Too much for a second, too less for a blink,

Too dreamy too real for a moment to sink;

Would you mind if I ask you to linger those fingers on mine,

Would you mind if I surrender, letting you to reign?

Listen to the hark of your heart!

Didn’t you yearn for this day and for me?

Unseal the second ring of hell-

Abseiling the depth of my anatomy.

Abetting you is a crime indeed,

Longing for the day when you would break all writs;

Would you mind in that case not to deepen my gore?

Would you mind if I ask you to touch me once more?



Trembling walls, a drumming floor,

Alive I am behind a sealed door,

Waiting for the warm sunshine,

I am nothing but a dumb uproar.

A bundle of my moma’s  love,

A pigment of my daddy’s might,

Awaiting at the dark crossroad,

Staring at the human plight.

Sweating, swollen sleepless eyes

Floods to wrap me in her womb,

Daddy seems to worry me,

As if I were to bring him doom!

CANINES-they have followed me,

From mother’s womb to lover’s bed,

Piercing, scaring, scathing me,

Tearing me till my soul’s dead.

Sniffing, crawling they found me-

When daddy threw me down the drain,

A Girl I was (not my father’s dream)

Thrown away into fortune’s hands.

Yet Death is not an end to me

I still await for the rising sun,

When canines wouldn’t follow me

When dad would treat me like his son.