Know me :)


an album of emotions and moments about myriad issues of daily lives captured through words.. hope you relate with them.

wish you a happy journey along my lane of sepia dreams.. there is something honest about these words. they never desert you nor do they rust with time.

a blog dedicated to my love for my world , my poems.

I, Sridhi Dash , a 20 year old student, invite you for a lovely trip across my sea of emotions.


4 thoughts on “Know me :)

  1. A different slant for me. I never realized that people would do that, in the open pee. I would be ashamed. Those who do this should be renamed. Gross comes to mind, what a despicable sign.

      • Men should have dignity and respect women. I wrote a little poem on the God and the Devil. I think you might like it. I feel that most men are in Hell and most women in Heaven. What do you think?

  2. I second your thought . Would suggest you to read Chitra Banerjee’s “The Palace of Illusions”. If you have heard about Mahabharata – the epic and the strong woman character Draupadi then you will definitely get a picture of woman’s status in the country through The Palace of Illusions. Ofcourse women are angelsand deserve a place in heaven but at the same time not all men demons . I will read your poem for sure. Thank you for the precious review. 🙂

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